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The Head and The Heart w/ Thao and The Get Down Stay Down

Eric TsurumotoComment

So last week I had the chance to finally shoot a couple shows in Philly. One of these shows featured none other than the harmonic Head and the Heart with the amazing Thao and the get down stay down.


To talk logistics, for a quick moment. The process of securing a photopass starts with contacting the publicists and requesting credentials. So in my case I contacted Thao's people because I have shot her on previous occasions and have built a minor working relationship with her people. They initially confirmed me for a +1 and photopass. So typically you then obtain the tickets at willcall. 


But on this night something went wrong..... on very rare occasions. The publicists either forget or mistakenly screw up your credentials. Here is my advice on what to do, if the will call office has no knowledge of your credentials. 


1. Always have the publicist's information- keep the email from the publicist and if made available their cell phone number. This will make contacting them with the issue much quicker

2. Keep your Cool- The Calmer and more confident you are the more willing the venue's staff will be to help you out. This Particular night, eventhough I wasnt on a list and the publicist hadnt called me back but because of my cool head and professional attitude, they were willing to comp me 2 tickets just for my troubles.

3. Have a back up Contact- This one doesnt always apply, but if you are planning on shooting multiple bands. Make sure to make contact with both bands publicists, sometimes where publicist fails another will be there to pick up the slack. For example Thao's people made a mistake but due to my prior experience working with Ben Gibbard (who just so happens to share a publicist with the head and the heart) I had the cell number for The Head And The Heart's publicist and she was able to help rectify the mistake.

These are all just quick thoughts and lesson learned from the job so take them with a grain of salt and enjoy the photos