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The List 2014 edition

Eric TsurumotoComment

So every year I put together a list of Must see artists, its a way for me to prioritize my concert calendar. Last year this list had me at the back at Newport for a third year, making time to see flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and catching a last minute train to see a secret show from Arcade Fire  But this year I may be knocking off some heavy hitters. With neutral milk hotel finally reappearing from the shadows of a 15 yr hiatus and Outkast playing every festival know to man.


1. Neutral Milk hotel or Jeff Magnum in any form 

2. Arcade Fire- seen in august of 2010, seen at bonnaroo 2011, seen as Reflektors 2013

3. Outkast

4.My morning Jacket- seen in 2008 at Bonnaroo, yim yames in 2010 at Newport folk, mmj @ bonnaroo 2011, seen at newport folk 2012, seen Jim James at Newport 2013

5. LCD soundsystem- seen in march 2011 at their final Terminal 5 performance ever!

6. Fleet foxes

7. Bon iver

8. Neil Young- Seen as Buffalo springfield at bonnaroo 2011

9. Rilo Kiley- seen in 2008 at Bonnaroo and Jenny Lewis on June of 2009 and July of 2009

10. Black keys- Seen bonnaroo 2011

11. Phoenix

12. Wilco- Seen Newport Folk 2012

13. Jack White- 

14. Death Cab For Cutie- seen at bonnaroo 2008 and radio city in 2008, ben Gibbard at town hall NYC in 2012

seen as postal service in 2013

15. Beck- Seen Govenors ball 2012, Newport 2013

16. The Strokes- seen Bonnaroo 2011

17. Dr. Dog- seen in 2010 at bonnaroo, seen at Firefly 2013

18.Vampire weekend- seen at bonnaroo 2008

19. Modest Mouse- Seen at Govenors ball 2012

20. Broken Social Scene-saw stars in September of 2008, saw BSS in september 2010

21. Rilo Kiley- seen in 2008 at Bonnaroo and Jenny Lewis on June of 2009 and July of 2009

22. The Decemberists- seen Colin Meloy at Newport 2013

23. Childish Gambino- Seen at Bonnaroo 2011 and New Jersey in 2012

24. Animal collective

25. Josh Ritter- seen in feb 2011 at the troc