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Grammy Wrap up

Eric TsurumotoComment

So half of me thinks the grammy are one of the biggest jokes, giving out award in music categories no one has cared about in more than 15 years. But at the same time it, it shines a light on the relevancy of our music today on society and where music is trending in the future. Take Daft punk for example, a band that had a single song carry them back from cultural obscurity and into the limelight that was hotter than ever. 

I personally was shocked at how many awards they walked away with, typically grammy voters are a little more forgetful and vote for the more current releases. But Daft Punk getting record of the year was a given. To those who still dont understand the difference between record of the year and song of the year. Song of the year only acknowledges the artists involved while record of the year also notices the production behind the song.


Finally a bit of a Lorde I told you so..... I was this chick Is going to rule the music world very soon and she has done it on her terms. Something most pop stars cant say.


What are you grammy thoughts?