This year at Newport Folk I took on a massive endeavor, I decided that for my 4th year covering Newport Folk I would focus less on whats going on, on stage and more of the scenic beauty of Fort Adams and the passionate musicians that make this festival so special.


One of the Artists that I was so very excited to meet was Thao Nguyen. Thao's music has been one of my favorite musicians since I first moved to Philly. I first heard of her when she appeared on NPR's Tiny Desk series in 2008. She was even the first musicians that I introduced to my girlfriend before we were even dating. So over the course of 6 years I have seen Thao perform 5 times, everywhere from church basements to comfy cafes with the Philadelphia Phillies fans rioting in the streets. 


I love her off kilter melodies and Chaotic stage presence, she always makes for incredible live shots. Along with her selfless contributions to Oxfam, A charity that I hold very close to my heart as well. 

So when I was coming up with my list for the Portrait series Thao was very high to the top, especially with the years festival dedicated to Mavis, Thao being strong female musician that is heavily involved in fighting Social injustices just made her a perfect fit.


So with the help of a park ranger I brought Thao into a narrow passage way underneath the main side of the fort. Originally I had a location up on top of the roof of the fort but due to weather it didn't work out that way. The lighting and color tones worked of perfectly with Thao's bright colored outfit.