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Best Of 2014- Belated Edition

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Hozier Straight up killing it at Newport Folk

Hozier Straight up killing it at Newport Folk

Best Late than never, I had all these end of the year lists that I have been meaning to roll out for this weeks

So to start things off here are my......

TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2014 


Probably my favorite new artist of the year a man that literary went from playing to 25 people to playing SNL in a month. His Sultry sound mixed with extremely clever lyric and catchy hooks is a recipe for a debut record.


St. Vincent- St Vincent

This Girl has grown imensly since I first saw her open for Death Cab in 2008. She has turned into a powerful force of artist expression not just with her amazing music. But also with her incredible vision interims of her stage persona, everything from hair color changes periodically to choreographed dance numbers.



I will forever love anything Wilco related, Jeff Tweedy could make a rap album and I will still buy the delux vinyl. This album might be 10 songs longer than it needs to be, but it still shows strokes of what made me fall in love with Wilco in the first place and its great to see Tweedy in the mentor role with his son. Not to mention anything with Lucius as their Back up band is a recipe for awesomeness.


The New Basement Tapes- Lost on the River

This is what makes folk music so captivating to me, folk artists have a insanely deep appreciation for the past and their fellow musicians. Collaborations are destined to happen and great music is always fruitful. So when you combine Elvis Costello, Jim James, Marcus Mumford, Rihannon Giddens and Taylor Goldsmith and put T. Bone Burnett at the helm…. Magic is going to happen


Jenny Lewis- The Voyager

Jenny oh Jenny…. You have finally gave me some more amazing music!!! Her new album is darker and more complex than anything else she has ever put out. With lines like “There's only one difference between you and me When I look at myself, all I can see: I'm just another lady without a baby”. They cut like knives and give us a level of vulnerabilty into her life that we have never had before.


Spoon-They Want My Soul

This record has completely made me fall in love with Spoon all over again. It sounds like someone sat Brit Daniels down, put on a animal collective album and gave him his first tab of acid. It’s a looser record where the hooks are more demanding of your attention and it’s the first record that sounds like Brit Daniels is having fun.


 Jack White- Lazaretto

Just pure rock awesome, if there is one album you need to own this year , this is it. The vinyl is absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny.


Ryan Adams-  Ryan Adams

I have never been a major fan of Ryan Adams, but this is Album has totally won me over. It’s an emotion filled country rock record for a 14th release, it show more growth than anything I have heard out of him since Love is Hell.


Beck- Morning Phase

Sea of Change is in my top 10 albums of all time, it sits directly between Van Morissons “Astral Weeks” and Neutral Milk Hotels “in the airplanes over the sea”. So when I first listened to Becks new Album “Morning Phase,” I got shivers down my spine and a level of emotion connection that reminded me all too much of the first time I ever heard Lost Cause. 


Run The Jewels- Run the Jewels 2

Not gonna lie, I was massively late to the Run the Jewels party, I actually first listened to the album after reading a extremely enthusiastic review from Spencer Tweedy (Jeff Tweedy’s son). This record is artfully beautiful and has a level of political confrontation that rivals the early 90s era of hip hop.