I remember a little  under 4 years ago I skipped class and hopped on a bus to NYC after a last minute email approving me to shoot a brand new artist. That artist was Lorde and the show at Webster hall was her record release show. The whole top section of the club was filled with industry folks in suits, while the whole floor section was eager covered in high schoolers. For the most part Lorde had never played any major venues but her single Royals was being played on every major radio station. Being in that venue for that moment is what I live for as a music photographer, you literally got to shoot (as much as I hate these photos now) the birth of a superstar.


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph her 2 more times as she toured the US. Both of which you got to see insane growth and she cemented herself as a truly exceptional pop artist. She was able to break down barriers of what a pop star sounds and looks like.


So her new single arguably was one of my most anticipated releases of the year and……. I honestly don’t know how I feel, I have never doubted this girl’s ability and have always championed her on what Pop music should be. Production wise this song felt empty, with no real substance or heart, although lyrically it still shined.


I understand to grow as a musician you can’t sound the same forever, but growth comes with taking chances and this song sounds like a quintessential industry formula for a pop song.


I will say this, I am hopeful the rest of the record is more enjoyable to me and I you enjoy the song, then I don’t hate you or think you are stupid…. Please Lorde fans don’t send me hate mail