Eric Tsurumoto

Maggie Rogers - 10/10

Eric Tsurumoto
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I first heard of Maggie Rogers through her now infamous NYU masterclass, where Pharrell signed her on the spot, after hearing her single Alaska for the first time. As unbelievable as it might be for an unknown musician to get signed by a legendary producer on the first listen. Maggie Rogers arrived on the music scene as just that unbelievable, her music bridges gaps in musical genres that are rarely touched and has given a voice to the new generation of empowerment.

In December she will join Mumford and Sons for what will be a once in a lifetime tour. The arena dates stretching though the UK, East Coast and Toronto will be some of the biggest venues to date for Rogers’ and will most likely feature some of the magic that was captured at this year's surprise Newport Folk Set.

I was fortunate to see Maggie and Mumford at Newport this year and I can honestly say it was my favorite live concert so far this year. It represented so many things I love about music. That set was a moment of celebration and one of the few gatherings i've been to all year where everyone was present and willing to listen. To see Mumford give up the Mic mid set and back up Maggie Rogers on a special rendition of Alaska was humbling and showed that at the core of what makes music important is that you can play it together.

Below Are Some of my favorite shots of Maggie’s performances over the last year, including some photos from the Newport Folk Festival, Governors Ball and her couple gigs here in Philly.